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In alphabetical order, non-confidential clients of Matic Media Ltd are listed below. In the cases where there is information in the public domain about the contracts, brief further details are given.


Note that the clients below were direct clients of Matic Media, not contracted via third parties. Note also that for most projects from 2011 to 2017, especially EU projects, Paul's consultancy work was conducted via Sero Consulting Ltd and in particular the SeroHE division of Sero. It was not until 2018 that direct-to-client consultancy work from Matic Media restarted on a large scale.

UK Government Departments and Public Bodies

1.     Department for Education: report and advice on broadband options for schools, 2003

2.     DFID Imfundo: missions to Rwanda to foster the development of a satellite-based educational network, 2000-2001

3.     HEFCE: advice in connection with e-University pedagogy, 2001-02; first phase of work on dissemination of e-University material, 2004

4.     Higher Education Academy (now part of AdvanceHE) a series of contracts concerning UKeU archives and publications 2004-10 (the e-University Compendium and UKeU Reports); benchmarking, Pathfinder and Gwella 2005-12; Flexible Learning Barriers and Enablers 2014

5.     JISC: contribution to TechLearn briefing document on broadband for senior management and co-authorship (with Stephen Brown) of a companion report for staff; "Costs of E-Learning Scoping Exercise", Report to JISC Learning and Teaching Committee, 2008

UK universities

1.     Aberystwyth University: advice on research in e-learning

2.     Leicester, University of: advice on e-learning to the Beyond Distance team, 2005; Distance Learning Benchmarking Club 2009-11

3.     Lincoln, University of: advice on e-learning strategies

4.     Liverpool John Moores University: benchmarking e-learning, 2010

5.     Manchester Business School: report on benchmarking and assistance with organisation of e-learning workshop, 2005

6.     Middlesex University: Visiting Professor, consultant to the Global Campus and School of Computing Science, 2004-10

7.     Northampton, University of: benchmarking e-learning with focus on distance learning, 2011

8.     Open University: economic analysis for "Back on Course" phase 2, 2010

9.     University of South Wales (formerly Glamorgan University): expert on JISC Building Capacity Project; member of TEL Steering Group; e-learning advice 2010-14

10.  University of Wales Trinity Saint David: expert on JISC Building Capacity Project, 2010

UK companies and entities

1.     ECOTEC: work on the benchmarking of Ufi against global comparators, 2001: report later published by DfES

2.     Online Courseware Factory: advice; subcontract work for Deutsche Telekom Global Learning (referred to obliquely here); and work on the second phase of HEFCE e-University studies, 2000-2001

3.     Reuters: advice on migration from classroom training to e-learning

4.     Sun Microsystems (now part of Oracle): advice on ICT in schools

5.     Tribal Group member companies: strategic advice and market research

6.     Wey Education (now part of Inspired Education Group): improvement of assessment for the Teaching Online Course, 2020

International agencies

1.     European Commission: evaluations over several years; partner in the EU Lifelong Learning Programme project Re.ViCa (Review of Virtual Campuses), 2007-2009

2.     OECD: research for and co-authorship of the OECD report Digital higher education: Emerging quality standards, practices and supports, 2022; report on digital transformation of universities for a specific East European country, 2022

3.     UNESCO (Latin American office): report on "Towards a virtual campus observatory for Latin America", 2001; report on Alternative models of education delivery for UNESCO IITE, 2012

International universities and other clients

1.     AJET, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology: Review of journal purpose and production, 2012

2.     Pearson Brasil: seminar in Brazil to private HE providers, 2013

3.     Finnish Virtual University: advice and a series of presentations at the Finnish Virtual University events in March 2004

4.     Gotland University, Sweden, now part of Uppsala University: benchmarking e-learning for distance learning, 2010

5.     Hong Kong Polytechnic University: advice on the evaluation of ICT in Hong Kong Schools (joint with TLT Group), 2002-04

6.     KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden: benchmarking e-learning, in the Distance Learning Benchmarking Club 2009-11

7.     Swiss Virtual Campus: advice and keynote presentation at the SVC days in March 2006

8.     Sydney, University of: advice on e-learning 2005

9.     UBC (University of British Columbia), workshop on Activity Based Costing, 2001

10.  UNIR (International University of La Rioja): consultancy on policy study for the Joint Research Centre of the EU, Policy Approaches to Open Education - Case Studies from 28 EU Member States, 2017-18

11.  Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand: external evaluator of New Zealand eMM benchmarking programme Phase 2

12.  Worldwide Universities Network: advice on e-learning, 2003 

Anonymous clients

1.     Competitor research on UK distance learning market

2.     Market research on distance learning propositions

3.     Market research for online postgraduate programmes for Canadian university, 2017

4.     Market research for online higher education courses in creative arts, 2018

5.     Consultancy on agile content development methods for large UK publisher, 2018

6.     Acquisition work on e-learning provider

7.     Market entry reports for target countries for UK providers

8.     Consultancy on e-exam system procurement for a specific university

9.     Report on online K-12 education in UK for a US agency, 2021

10.  Benchmarking, quality and policy series of studies for a government agency in Middle East, 2021-23

Sero clients


For Paul's work via Sero see the partial list at