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Paul Bacsich has been operating as an educational and e-learning consultant since 1984, when he took on his first contract to advice an IT-based start-up sales company wanting to use viewdata to support a distributed sales force. His second contract was in connection with the then rapidly-emerging technology of satellite television.

Shortly after this he set up a VAT-registered partnership with three other Open University staff, trading as Educational Information Technology Associates (EITA). The other members were  Tony BatesJohn Sparkes, and Peter Zorkoczy.

In the the later 1980s this carried out a lot of consultancy work for the European Commission, either directly or as subcontractors, on a series of studies that led up to the DELTA series of ICT-based learning projects within the 3rd Framework programme.


As his colleagues left or retired from the OU, Paul took on and developed the remaining business, first on his own, later with the help of his wife. For several years in the early 1990s, there was little activity as this was the era of the massive JANUS programme which absorted all Paul' s energies (but which provided much consultancy for a number of well-known and still active consultants). 

During 1996, when Paul was organising a long drawn out transition to Sheffield Hallam University, he took the opportunity to reconstruct the business into its current form. It has been active from then on, with over 40 clients including many UK universities over the years as well as agencies of other national governments, the European Commission, UNESCO, publishers, training companies and venture capital funds.