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Paul Bacsich has been carrying out research and consultancy in the area of costs of e-learning since the early 1990s. His first publication in the area was done as part of a team working for the EU on this topic. In the period 1999-2002 he won three grants from JISC to deal with this topic, then called “costs of networked learning” – the group of three projects became known by the acronym “CNL”. The project report for CNL1 is available, focussing on “hidden costs” and planning paradigms – it later led to a book chapter in an overview book on Networked Learning. The CNL2 project, with a focus on Activity Based Costing, generated a project report and a handbook, and later a summary of the project was also produced as a book chapter.


Paul had the good fortune to hire as his first costing researcher Charlotte Ash who soon became Research Manager then left  for a career in local authority management, focussing on best value analysis. Another key person who joined the team slightly later was Sarah Heginbotham who rapidly developed expertise in Activity Based Costing, before moving on to an e-learning post in the corporate sector and later emigrating to Canada. (She is an occasional consultant to Matic Media Ltd.)


Costing has continued as an interest of Paul’s and has now become one of the key offerings of Matic Media Ltd. Paul is currently collaborating with NUTN and will present on a panel “Managing Cost Effectiveness as a Measure of Quality” at their annual conference, this year entitled “Managing and Maintaining Quality in Distance Learning”, in June 2006.


Paul’s blog has costs as one of its three main areas of specialism.


Publications on CNL


Presentations on CNL


Some of these presentations have associated papers. The older ones are of largely historical interest only. Some were given by Paul Bacsich and Charlotte Ash but many were given by Paul or Charlotte, depending on venue.



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